Nancy Reagan, 40th President of the United States

nancyNancy Reagan, the controlling, pill-popping child-beating matriarch of a sick, fucked-up family who regularly stole Valium and diuretics from each other; and proud wife to a president who once declared ketchup a vegetable before ultimately becoming one, is now dead of complications resulting from a “ruptured Gipper.” Or in medical terms: congestive heartless failure.


(Please note: the freakin' book contains HUNDREDS of obits,
but obviously not some of the most recent ones published 
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According to witnesses, moments after she fell ill Nancy uttered her last words: “Fire the fucking astrologer.”

Though death was officially declared on March 6th, doctors say her soul probably “just said no” to life the second she decided to go into acting.

When reached for comment, friend Tom Brokaw ignored most of the facts and said something insultingly stupid.

Reagan redefined the role of First Lady, taking on such important responsibilities as ignoring AIDS, hoarding flower vases and criminalizing entire neighborhoods of black people.

But perhaps her greatest challenge came the day Ronald Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. For now at long last, she finally had the complete control needed to exact obsessive revenge fantasies upon her empty, flesh-robot husband as partial payback for all those years her stepdad withheld the love she was never emotionally equipped to receive to begin with. But, she was a snazzy dresser!

After her husband’s death, Nancy took on the role of vigilant caretaker for his legacy at the Reagan Library, where she could often seen dusting off “the book.”

Family members can console themselves with the thought that Nancy’s now up in heaven, still refusing to help Rock Hudson get treatment.


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(Please note: the freakin' book contains HUNDREDS of obits,
but obviously not some of the most recent ones published 
in this blog.)

From The Archives: Daniel Ruge, President Reagan’s White House Physician

Mourning Remembrance Portraits by Nathan Smith copyright 2011

Daniel Ruge, the man chosen to be Ronald Reagan’s White House physician during his first term as president, has died from a ruptured gipper.

Early in his career, Ruge practiced medicine with First Lady Nancy Reagan’s stepfather, who taught him the family secrets of pre-death facial embalming.

After the 1981 assassination attempt on Reagan, Ruge remained at Reagan’s side and nursed him back to health with the president’s favorite vegetable dish: Baked Catsup.

Ruge never stayed for the 2nd term. He was asked to leave in 1984 after he gave the president a battery of diagnostic tests which declared him brain dead.

Dr. Ruge requested his body be dug up every year, examined by doctors, and declared fit enough to serve public office.

Samuel T. Cohen, Inventor of The Neutron Bomb

Samuel T. Cohen, inventor of the neutron bomb, was found dead in his home after straining for days on what he tragically dubbed “my clam sausage ordnance.”

Paramedics were shocked to find his internal organs had completely disintegrated, leaving the surrounding skin remarkably intact.

Cohen developed his neutron bomb in the 1950s at the request of the government who wanted a way to kill enemy troops without harming buildings housing the world’s precious reserves of Hula Hoops.

His bomb’s main appeal was its lethal output of tiny neutral particles that can pass through buildings without notice. He dubbed these particles “Walter Mondales.”

Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev called Cohen’s invention the ultimate capitalist weapon, built “to kill a man in such a way that his suit will not be stained with blood, in order to appropriate the suit.” He then ruined the moment by banging his shoe on a table.

In 1981 President Ronald Reagan ordered 700 neutron warheads built to oppose the Soviet Union, and even had several of them tested on his brain.

Years later, President George H. W. Bush ordered the massive stockpile disarmed and stored safely inside his wife’s cast iron womb.

Mr. Cohen was married twice. His first marriage ended in divorce in 1952 after his wife caught him in bed with Fat Man and Little Boy.

Cohen requested his body be mistakenly dropped on an Iraqi wedding party and later denied.